Who We Are 

We are a community of powerhouse leaders with a passion for challenging, stretching, and growing other leaders.

​Our Mission

We equip industry leaders with the toolset, mindset, and skillset to grow, transform themselves and influence others to reach their desired future.

Our Vision

A global leadership hub that fosters a movement for a positive work culture where we can grow beyond our comfort zone and extend our fullest potentials.


Get to know our people


 CEO and Founder

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Warren is from Singapore and has been based in Vietnam for 15 years. He held various leadership positions in international and local corporations, facilitating and coaching local SMEs and MNCs throughout Asia.

His passion is to serve corporate clients to discover and clarify their needs, challenges, and purpose. He brings alignment to teams and creates an inspiring future through coaching, workshops, and off-site events. Warren believes in transformation and enjoys the A-ha moments when that happens.

Warren has been through toxic corporate culture whereby staff lives in fear and evades responsibilities. He has also experienced empowering corporate culture where the team embraces innovation, steps up to challenges, and brings forward their best versions.

He understands the power of culture and is ready to co-create a great one with you. He knows he cannot achieve this vision alone. Thus, he shares all his insights and materials through the Leaders Create Leaders Program to equip more leaders with the right skills, mindsets, and tools. They can then bring these back to their companies to train and develop more leaders.


Business Development Director


Thuy is from Long An province in southwestern Vietnam. She graduated from the University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City. 

She has had nearly 20 years of working experience in several different industries with ownership from state to private and foreign companies. She has always valued learning and self-improvement and has educated herself through workshops on various topics from financial management and leadership to personal development.

Thuy believes that everyone deserves the chance to learn and find the best of their talents. Thuy loves to help people and is happy to see others learn and grow. She feels that when she is helping others, she is also constantly learning.

As the Business Development Director of Leaders Create Leaders, she would like to bring more growth opportunities to as many leaders as possible to create a new movement in work culture.


​Chief Connection Officer


Kick-started her career in HCM City in 1985; it all began when Huong graduated from Medical University. She has a dream to heal and ease the patients' pain and reduce their family's anxiety. Huong fulfilled this life chapter in the first 15 years while spreading knowledge, expertise, and heartfulness to the young medical staff to continue her passion.

The next chapter of her life opened when her belief in healing came with her desire to bring peace of mind to more people, driving her to the Insurance industry, where she spent the next 20 years. 

Huong is an expert in engaging with participants by delivering insightful sharing, conveying heartfelt emotions, and deep-diving into comprehensive view angles to achieve problem-solving & effective solutions. Her class atmosphere always brings a feeling of warmth, positiveness, joyfulness, and understanding.

Huong perceives that emotional intelligence is a learnable, measurable, scientifically validated skillset that better fuels adults & children. The motto of Huong is to optimize self-leadership to help the team moving forward. That when staff and young people are listened to, they feel valued and empowered, is what she believes.