This is an intensive 3-Day Leadership & Coaching workshop designed especially for leaders, managers, directors, and entrepreneurs & coaches. We will deep-dive and explore our Circle of Choice Framework to better equip ourselves as coaches & leaders so that we can grow our people more effectively and intentionally.


Upon successful completion, you will be certified as an LCL Leadership Coach and be enrolled as a member of our LCL Network. Continue to learn, share, and expand possibilities in this dynamic community with other like-minded peers.


As we bring out the best in others, we bring out the best in ourselves.


Let's Dive In.


Our Method

Coach and be coached

To lead others, we need to lead ourselves. To coach others, we need to be coached first. As we experience the impact of true transformational coaching, we start to appreciate the mirroring effects of coaching as a partnership: As we are coaching, we are also being coached.

the CIRCLE OF CHOICE framework

The Circle of Choice Framework is one of the most applicable and adaptable coaching framework developed by LCL.  Using "Choice Presence", "Choice Mindset" & "Choice Actions", leaders can understand clearly the coaching process to create maximum impact for their clients/ team members.

90-day assignment

Upon successful completion of 10 coaching sessions as a coach and a client with your classmates and submission of your assignment, you will then be certified as a LCL Leadership Coach.

1-year lcl network

 The LCL Network provides a platform to connect leaders so that we can expand our views, challenge our assumptions, and shift our mindsets. We meet once a month to discuss challenges, understand what is holding us back, and create an inspiring future. This is a safe haven whereby successes as well as failures will be celebrated.


 Leadership Coaching Program: 

Leading In Changing Times

A crisis reveals a true leader.  How leaders choose to act, react and interact with their team members during times of crisis will determine how strong and quick the team can accept, adopt and adapt to the future. 


Leaders Create Leaders is excited to introduce our signature Leadership Coaching Program that stretches a total of 6 weeks with practicum. Leaders will learn, experience, and practice the art of leadership and coaching, especially in trying times like this. 


What kind of leadership and conversation should we engage with our team members?  How do we manage our own fear and uncertainties? What did we discover about ourselves through this crisis?  How do we choose what this phase of our lives will mean to us?


Join us in this series of interactive workshops as we discover our own answers to these questions and challenge each other to grow beyond our comfort zone and beyond the confinements of our homes. Amidst times of uncertainty, are you able to discover your certainty through your commitment to personal growth? 



 Leadership Coaching Program

​Cohort 26

(English Edition)

 20th, 21st, 22nd  November

(8 AM-8 PM, Fri, Sat, and Sun)

  • Location: Park Hyatt Saigon

  • 3 intensive days 

  • 4 weeks of practicum: Online interactive coaching session 

  • 1-year membership of LCL Business network

  • ​Monthly "Think Tank" workshops and socials

  • Certificate of completion

  • ​LCL Leadership Coach Certification

Invest in your growth

Course Fee: $1500 USD per person

Group of 3+: $1300 USD per person

Early Bird: $1300 USD per person

Exchange Rate: 1 USD = 23,500 VND



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