EQ leadership epoch:  


Emotional intelligence is “being smarter with feelings” – a robust set of learnable skills that fuels insight, connection, and purpose. 

Despite being later-born than IQ, Emotional Quotient (EQ) is considered a more contemporary measure of a person’s accomplishments, life, and relationship qualities. It can use emotions effectively, the foundation of success, and one of the World Economic Forum’s top skills for the 21st Century (Six Seconds).


EQ as a key leadership predictor: 


"Gifted leadership occurs where the heart and head—feeling and thought—meet" (Daniel Goleman)


In changing times, technical skills are no longer the performance solution. What makes a leader fully aware of their own biases and assumptions? How can leaders read their employees' dynamic? How do we see through the root causes when it comes to conflicts? How can we retain promising talents? How to build relationships, inspire, influence, coach effectively among businesses? 


All change starts inside; as leaders and their teams dive into deep learning emotional intelligence in EQ LEADERSHIP PROGRAM, they will find a space to practice and grow their EQ to engage effectively and supports others. 

 Managing 1/3 of a large business population isn’t just about leading; it’s about feeling smart. In my 20 years working in the insurance industry, what makes me most proud of myself is not a position in the C-suite but the ability to maintain the retention rate of at least 90%.

Huong Nguyen, Chief Connection Officer.

With over 20 years of insightful experience in human management in corporates and a wealth of EQ knowledge, Huong Nguyen is an expert in using emotional potentials to support leaders instill passion, transform organizational climate and lead to higher performance. 


Certified EQ Practitioner, EQ Assessor, Brain Profiler of Six Seconds, and one of the first qualified EQ network leaders of Six Seconds in Vietnam. 

*Six Seconds is the first and largest organization 100% dedicated to the development of emotional intelligence. Leaders Create Leaders is honored to be the first official preferred partner of Six Seconds in Vietnam.   

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  • Strengthen self-leadership 

  • Navigate emotions for purpose-driven growth 

  • Create optimal decisions and effective connection

  • Improve leadership effectiveness 

  • Strengthen business performance

  • Foster innovation & fuel positive changes in working culture

  • Improve business performance

  • Retain talents

  • Improve recruitment efficiency



  • Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment



  • Online group debriefing on UEQ Profile (1hour).

​Day 01


  • Amazing facts about emotions

  • Plutchik’s wheel of emotions

  • The wisdom of feelings (Feeling-wisdom-chart: emotion purpose/signal energy  attention) 

  • Patterns recognition 

  • Emotions navigation as a strategic resource of leaders: Being ownership - Assessing emotions – Harnessing - Transforming 

​day 02


  • Brain talent profile: Key competencies to innovate, achieve and thrive.

  • Leverage strengths: A strength-approach vs a deficit-approach

  • Brain shifting: utilize emotional strengths for development 

  • Detecting talents among the team 

  • Emotional brain  + Rational brain = Effective actions

day 03


  • The power of empathy in leadership and business 

  • Three types of Empathy 

  • Three leaders’ issues in empathy practise

  • Leadership EQ in action: applying EQ toward goals

  • Pursuing noble goal

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  • EQ series (EQ in the workplace an EQ coffee)

  • Think tank: monthly workshop for LCL
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