An organization rises or falls on its leadership. Thus there has been a strong emphasis and expectation on the Leader of the Pack to be the smartest person in the room. The leader always leads the pack, and is the hero to save the day. Nothing can be further from the truth.​

True leadership is about influence through empowering, entrusting and envisioning. Great leaders tap into the unseen potential of team members and create a vision bigger than themselves.​

To achieve this, leaders relentlessly grow ourselves so we can grow others. And we start from where we are right now.

​Join us in this work culture movement of shifting from I to We; from position to action.

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What does it mean to be part of a community? Here at Leaders Create Leaders, we are more than just a community. We are a family that challenges one another to go beyond our comfort zones. A growth journey to inspire others and leave a legacy.

"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional."


                                           - John Maxwell -


Betsy Sweat
Vice President Asia Pacific Janus et CIE

Warren Eng began our Negotiations training with a high energy exercise that set the stage for the extraordinary day that was to come. The enthusiasm he instilled, the connections to ideas, the encouragement of sharing, creation of bonds among a close team having different experience levels, different cultures, different perspectives. And to many of our senior people who had been to similar training seminars, Warren’s approach and insights created several aha moments. He skilfully presented, adapted to the diverse audience had the right mix of give and take to take this team to the next level in their negotiating talents. I highly recommend him and we are already planning for our next course together. Phenomenal.


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